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Friday, February 1, 2013

Cleaning With Vinegar

Most everyone has heard of using vinegar to clean, but did you know about all of these…
1. Rinse aid substitute - There’s really no harm in using vinegar in your dishwasher, but I suggest only using it in lieu of rinse aid between trips to the store. Modern dishwashers need regular rinse aid to properly dry dishes.
2. Microwave cleaner – Heat a microwave-safe cup of vinegar in your microwave and let it boil, so the steam can loosen up all the stuck-on splatters for a minute or so. Wipe down the interior immediately, while it’s still moist inside — no scrubbing necessary!
3. Clothes washer cleaner - Your washing machine benefits from a regular vinegar cleaning. Run a cup through an empty cycle using the hottest setting.
4. All-purpose surface cleaner - Equal parts vinegar and water work well for cleaning windows or glass. Also try the solution for an all-natural way to clean the inside of a refrigerator. I hear you can use it to clean stainless steel as well, though, I recommend using a stainless steel cleaner for a shiny, polished finish.
5. Coffee maker cleaner – Try to run a full coffee pot of vinegar through your coffee maker (remove any coffee or filter, obviously) every few months. It’s satisfying to watch all the grime flake off into the pot, and you’ll be amazed how much faster your coffee brews without all the sediment slowing it down!
6. Stove top and oven cleaner – Use a paste of vinegar and baking soda on your stove top to scrub out those stubborn brownish discolorations and food splatters.
Do you have any other vinegar cleaning tips?  Leave them in the comments!

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