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Friday, February 15, 2013

Why HE Detergent Is Important

More laundry detergent does not mean your clothes will come out cleaner, especially when using a front-loading high-efficiency washing machine.  High-efficiency washers use far less water than traditional washing machines. Less water and more powerful wash action means less dilution of detergent, leading to overproduction of suds.

High-efficiency detergent (or HE detergent) provides just the right amount of suds to ensure the cleanest clothes possible. HE detergent is often labeled “concentrated” or “2x” , and has a “HE” logo on its bottle or box.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the label based on load size.

If you don’t use HE detergent, Whirlpool Corp. warns of the following problems:
·         Poor cleaning results.
·         Detergent residue left on clothing.
·         Washer odor due to sudsing residue.
·         Wet clothes at the end of the cycle due to excess suds hindering spinning and draining.
·         Leaking due to excess suds.
·         Extended cycle times or excessive water usage from extra rinsing to remove suds.
·         Error codes.

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