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Monday, July 29, 2013

Stay cool with this delicious pomegranate tea sorbet that Frigidaire posted on their Facebook page.  It’s easy and delicious!

2 Cup Pomegranate Juice
4 Bags Berry Herb Tea
1 Cup Water
3 Tablespoons Sugar

In a medium saucepan combine juice and 1 cup water.  Bring to boiling.  Remove from heat.  Add tea bags.  Cover and steep 5 minutes.  Remove tea bags, squeezing out extra liquid.  Add sugar, stirring until dissolved.

Pour juice mixture in a 2 quart square baking dish.  Cover and freeze about 6 hours or until mixture is nearly firm, stirring occasionally so mixture freezes evenly.

Break mixture into chunks.  Transfer to a food processor.  Cover and process just until smooth, but not melted.  Return to baking dish.  Cover and freeze about 3 hours more until firm.

To serve, let stand at room temperature 10 minutes.  Scoop into dessert dishes.

Makes 8 one-half cup servings

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