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Friday, August 10, 2012

Energy Saving Cooking Tips

Stoves, cooktops and ovens aren’t Energy Star rated because most models use about the same amount of energy. But there are certainly ways to use less gas or electricity when cooking.

1. Keep your burner caps and drip pans clean
Dirty surfaces don’t reflect heat as well as polished surfaces, thus wasting energy and potentially your time.

2. Match pots and pans to the size of your burners
Unless you’re using an induction cooktop or range, you’re heating a lot of air while you try to heat your food. Induction cooking is 20% more efficient than electric and 70% more efficient than gas.  To mitigate energy loss, choose the appropriate sized pot or pan for the size of burner you’re cooking on.

3. Cover your pots while boiling water
When you think about it, it makes no sense to boil water in an uncovered pot. Using a cover helps water boil faster while creating pressure and preventing evaporation.

4. Skip preheating
Unless you’re baking and require precise temperatures, you don’t need to wait till your oven reaches 350 degrees to throw your food in.  Better yet, shut off your oven a few minutes early and let residual heat finish off your dish.

5. Use the microwave
Using the microwave as an alternative to the oven cuts energy use in half.  Plus, it’s faster!

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