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Monday, March 19, 2012

HOW TO: clean stove drip pans

If you have an electric coil stove you have drip pans, which — by name — catch drips. Even if you clean your range top often, it’s a mess the next time you cook.
So the clean-up should be quick and easy, or it won’t get done, right?
The method I’ve suggested before is cleaning stove drip pans with a paste. But no matter how wonderful, applying the paste and rinsing the pans is still more than some of us have time for on a nightly basis.
And this applies to gas stove tops too. Lots of drips land on the burner caps and below the grates.
The fastest, easiest — and perhaps even most effective way to clean the surface — Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or a generic version of this melamine foam sponge.  It looks like an ordinary sponge, but because it’s melamine, it actually has little micro scrubbers that can remove discoloration and baked on mess with minimal elbow grease.
That being said, it is abrasive in nature so it can scratch or dull surfaces if you’re not careful, in this case Bon-Ami is a great alternative.

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